Why Choose Us?

GSA works very hard to be different from other Companies. Not just in the attention to minute details associated with all areas of Security but also in the Service we provide. The key features of our Bureau service include a consistently secure environment with a single point of contact for all Contracts, fastidious paper preparation coupled with diligent document scanning. A multiple level quality validation of work service ensures a dependable and reliably finished product ensuring that we always deliver the Service to specified quality standards and an agreed Service Level within a secure environment.

The distinctive benefits we provide to clients include:
• Cost effective & efficiently affordable Services and Solutions,
• Business Continuity through Compliance and effective processes
• Scalable modular Services and Solutions
• Experienced Consultants
• Quality-led client focused services.

Audit Trail

From collection, documents and data are isolated, identified and securely maintained. For identification and tracking purposes they are indexed and labeled using Bar Code Box Tracking software. GSA applies barcodes at box and/or file level and this process enables automated tracking from start to finish. The Tracking enables Box tracking, File tracking, Files scanned, File Location, Files Exported, Files delivered, File un-scanned, and Files Delivered. Reports can be produced on any of the above variables.

GSA ScanIT are different from other Data Processing and Document Management Companies because:
• We offer a phenomenally flexible service,
• The service is always securely tailored to suit the client's requirement,
• We work with you to provide the most cost effective solution based on your budget,
• We are specialists in handling sensitive documents including Police paperwork,
• All staff are vetted to Police SC Level and security and safety of data and documents are key to our processes,
• Our ISO 9001 accreditation is only the start of our quality procedures!

Please contact the Bureau where we will be pleased to provide References and Case Studies for delivered contracts.

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