CycColossus - Intelligence, investigation and case management solutions

CycColossus - allows for the submission of Intelligence, its assessment, action and dissemination within the intelligence module. Progressing into the Case Management module with effective Investigation and Enquiry tools; including efficient Case File production with Exhibit and material handling and the creation of a fully electronic file.

Designed and developed to be highly configurable and tailored for Police, LEA’s, Regulatory Bodies, Counter Fraud & Investigation Services, Whistle Blowers and many others… Easy to use, focussed, fast and efficient paper free business process providing a powerful and flexible solution.

CycColossus – includes enterprise intelligence providing a streamlined workflow capability, driving quick throughput from receipt to assessment, action and dissemination; including key POLE entities such as Log, Nominal, Address, Communication and Vehicle.

CycColossus provides powerful intelligence and case management applications enabling you to link and progress intelligence to investigations to case production as a complete end to end process.

Intuitive Intelligence Submission wizard allows for ad hoc users with no training to submit logs into a fully searchable Intelligence database, which includes full tasking and sanitisation options. Manage your enquiry and investigation in the Case Management application together with integrated Electronic Document Management and comprehensive features providing electronic disclosure of cases and full files.

Intelligence and Activity Recording

  • Easy to Use Wizard to Submission
  • Process driven for Assessment / LIO Activity
  • Tasking / Actions for Intelligence Work
  • Ability to link to key POLE entities - Logs / Information, Nominals, Addresses, Communications, Vehicles, Organisations, Online ID, Accounts, Activities
  • Confidential Source Register
  • Visualisation of Links
  • Both Data and Document Content are fully searchable
  • Sanitise Raw Intelligence and disseminate using 5x5x5
  • Ability to link Intelligence into Case to Investigate further

Case and Investigation Recording & Management

Where actionable Intelligence leads to Investigation, the system seamlessly extends to provide both Case and Investigation Management functionality. The Case Management tools include both automated and manual tasking as well as Activity, Policy and Process recording. Extensive facilities are provided to record and manage data and documents relating to the Case Investigation. For Managers, the system provides clear Case Summaries with detailed Query and Reporting facilities. At a Case level, Managers may specify Case Policies and clear Progress Tracking is established prompted by semi-automated internal processes. For Investigators, the system enables comprehensive recording for Progress, Subjects, Witnesses and related Nominal data such as addresses, financials, connected to the Case.

  • Complete fully audited Case Management system
  • Integrated legally compliant Document Management System – with document security and version control
  • Task driven solution with easy multi-tasking features
  • Supervision and Management of multiple cases
  • Subjects and Witnesses including recording for Check Lists, Key Dates and Offences
  • Loss, Recovery & Savings, POCA tracking
  • Charges and Results
  • Scanning capability

Case File Production and Exhibit Material Handling

A key feature of the solution is the recording and management of Exhibit and Disclosure material. The system enables the definition and selection of Material and the identification of Used (Exhibits and Statements), Unused (Sensitive and Non Sensitive) material and material which is No Impact or For Review. The system updates and produces Schedules for export and populates appropriate Forms. Standard system facilities include document linking to Subjects/Witnesses, identification of Sensitivity, Public Interest Immunity (PII), Code 7.3 and Legal Privilege file isolation where relevant.

  • Easy Scheduling and ordering of Material and Exhibits
  • Movement tracking
  • Automated, template driven, Bank Statement Analysis
  • Extensive redaction and annotation capability for Disclosure
  • Export options for files and data
  • Rich in templates including National forms & Templates

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ISO27001 Information Security Management System (Accreditation since: 2010 Certificate No 168202020)

ISO14001 Environmental Standard and Social Value (Accreditation since: 2014 Certificate No 216712020)

Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate: Cyber Essentials Accreditation since: 2014. Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation since 2017

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (22/23 Standards Exceeded: Organisation code E5D0H)

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