See the connections between acquired and stored communications data

CycComms Plus

CycComms Plus is the software solution that enables you to make the connections immediately within communications data to support your decision making; protecting vulnerable persons and linking suspects to associates, places, times and criminal activity.

CycComms Plus provides CycComms with the functionality to show the links between suspects and victims from acquired communications entity or event data. It can also merge data downloads obtained through phone and device examination to give you a fuller picture.

GSA Solutions already handle 60% of Comms Data Acquisition in the UK.

Data can be visualised, supporting the intelligence and investigation teams to identify where to focus operational activity and resources eff ectively and in the shortest possible time.

CycComms Plus will...

  • Help identify those causing harm in our communities more quickly
  • Help protect people from harm and exploitation by supporting effective intelligence and investigation
  • Enhance the skills and capability of the entire workforce
  • Visualise communications data at the touch of a button and display data in an intelligent way

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