Disclosure Management Software - CycFreedom 3

CycFreedom is helping many organisations within the Public and Private sectors to manage the ever increasing number of requests for information and disclosure they receive, providing valuable savings in both time and money. The solution also helps to ensure requests are dealt with at a consistently high quality level and within an appropriate timeframe for compliance with current legislation.

Manage FOI and Subject Access Requests

The benefits of CycFreedom 3

An incredibly flexible disclosure management software solution, CycFreedom enables you to create unlimited processes and workflows for each information request type, including: Subject Access Requests (SARs), Freedom of Information (FOI), Access to Health Records Requests, Environmental Information Regulation (EIR), Data Protection Act (DPA) and GDPR Requests, Business as Usual Correspondence, Complaints & Compliments, Requests for Advice, Security Incidents, Management of DBS checks, Section 29/35s and many more.

Giving full visibility over the status of all requests, CycFreedom supports Monitoring Performance and Performance Reporting, once again helping with statutory obligation requirements.    

Other key benefits of CycFreedom include; enhanced document management – enabling all documentation (emails, letters, notes, images, videos, etc) to be kept in one place and easily searchable; branded templates (both email and letter); full document redaction with notes and time stamping as well as full version history to satisfy the courts and British Standard PID008.   

Current GSA customers include:  Police Forces, Local Authorities, Government Departments, National Agencies, NHS, PCCs, Universities, Blue Chip Companies, etc.

As a cloud hosted solution CycFreedom is device independent (can be used on laptop, desktop, tablet and phone), ensures you always have access to the latest version and as an enterprise solution can be deployed across any business area immediately.

"Without Cycfreedom we would be unable to comply with our legal deadlines and the ever increasing volumes of work.  Put simply, I couldn’t imagine operating effectively without it!"

Jason Russell | Senior Manager for Public Access

Joint Information Management Unit | Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley Police

"After looking at a range of cloud hosted software systems that are on the market to help with FOI, DSARs and other information disclosure requests, we chose GSA’s CycFreedom.  CycFreedom is the solution that best fitted our requirements, with many features that help us deal with requests in a timely and efficient manner - and importantly help us to reduce the risk of non-compliance with statutory legislation.”

GDPR Implementation Lead, NHS Trust

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