CycChis - Covert Human Intelligence RIPA compliant Authorisation and management system

GSA LTD are very proud to announce; “CycCHIS”, the Covert Human Intelligence RIPA compliant Authorities and CHIS System.

The software securely manages use and conduct of “sources” from recruitment to eventual deregistration, all controlled within national Matrix guidelines including effective management reporting tools.

Sanitised information is disseminated through to external systems, protecting the true identity of sources, handlers and controllers.

The system is fully audited, secure and is provided with integrated document management enabling storage of related documents and electronic files.

Fully integrated with our range of Cyclops software, including CycComms, CycTSU and CycSurveillance.

The system provides a comprehensive management screen as appropriate for the particular user access level allowing authorisation, review, renewal processes embedded within a single screen for each CHIS authority record and ability to click next in order to see each entire form type in turn without changing screens.
The solution provides efficient and direct navigation around a record in order to save time and effort without changing screens allowing an easy overview of all information.

A global overview of all CHIS tasking is provided including the ability to search for tasks. There is the ability to view all associated results from the tasked CHIS without having to navigate to a different screen or undertake any additional searches.
Quick Start links allow a user to undertake regular activity by one simple click process from the home screen i.e. create new CHIS record, request Meeting etc.

Smarter Working

  • Extensive CHIS profiling, searching and analysis
  • Easy meeting planner and contact sheets
  • CHIS records are displayed within the system with the following information visible on the main summary screen without the user having to navigate to other screens:
  • CHIS identifier urn and Pseudonym
  • Managing Personnel – Handler, Co-handler(s), Controller, Co-Controller(s) and Authorising Officer
  • Current Status – Assessment, Recruitment, Authorised, Inactive etc.
  • Warning Markers
  • Tasking status
  • Meeting Planner
  • Details of Active Authorisations – Use/Conducts etc

Increased Efficiency

Each CHIS record includes a list of all handlers for the CHIS. It is possible to add any number of co-handlers. In addition the controller and authorising officer details for CHIS is maintained within the system in the same way thus increasing efficiency of the CAB by reducing administration time.

The CHIS record includes a full risk assessment based on national forms. These assessments can be updated at any time. A full history of all the risk assessments is retained and available.

All details of results are linked to Rewards, Contact Sheets and to Intelligence Reports (if required). All these are easy to navigate from the single Results screen.
The system provides physical tracking of Text letters and includes full movement history. It records who has the letter at each point in time and formally manages the process.

Unique Benefits

Ability to capture all documents and images in one place, including Contracts, Receipts, Invoices, Texts, Sound Recordings, Transcripts, Office Documents, Images and Maps.

The system automatically checks CHIS contact numbers against all Communications data held within CycComms – GSA’s Communications Data Acquisition System. This provides automatic notifications to the Controller that their CHIS contact e.g. telephone number or email address, has;

a) Been subject to a Comms Data Application and/or

b) Whether it appears on any Call Data records obtained

Notifications for cross-over intelligence also includes data from phone downloads (from within CycComms Digital Forensic module) and are subject to a covert flag to the controller for the CHIS

The system provides for the logging of vehicles used to meet CHIS. This includes an active warning if the vehicle has previously been used in connection with the CHIS. This cross-over detection of vehicles used for covert activity helps improve trade-craft and officer safety.

Next Steps

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ISO9001 Quality Management System (Accreditation since: 2003 Certificate No 97492020)

ISO27001 Information Security Management System (Accreditation since: 2010 Certificate No 168202020)

ISO14001 Environmental Standard and Social Value (Accreditation since: 2014 Certificate No 216712020)

Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate: Cyber Essentials Accreditation since: 2014. Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation since 2017

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (22/23 Standards Exceeded: Organisation code E5D0H)

GSA operate from a Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF)


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