CycMopa - Complete system to Record, Track and Manage Archive Boxes and Records

Accurate information is the lifeblood of all Organisations and this includes knowing what information is archived. We have the answer with our solution facilitating the management of files, resources and documents. The solution provides a complete Record Management system enabling Life Cycle Tracking from receipt to destruction; whilst recording all key actions taken. The solution provides visible time & cost saving benefits and enables our customers to cope with their increasing paper mountain.

Managed Archived Resources

CycMoPA enables the recording of the file and resource contents including those which are destined for archive storage. The life cycle and actual life history of the records are managed by the system. With some Organisations increasing their use of external companies to manage archived files and resources, the costs of retrieval of items means they need to know and actively manage boxes and their box contents. Whether your archive is in house or outsourced our solution provides complete record management to ensure the ownership, retention and history of each record may be managed. Why pay to retain a record that you no longer require, space costs money! The solution enables traceability of archived items and assists Organisations to comply with Legislative and Best Practice requirements enabling the retention of accurate, relevant and accessible information.

Archive box life cycle

The CycMoPA solution offers a flexible system to cater for a Box life cycle which includes lifetime management of each of the Boxes contents from files to Books, to Disks to Videos. This also includes following a Box and its contents through each collection of new contents, recording, review, retention through to disposal. The solution enables all related information and key actions to be recorded, all related documents, files and emails to be retained and all disclosures recorded.

Security and auditing

All systems in the CYCLOPS Business Solutions range include the built in assurances required of systems containing sensitive data and documents, with secure record & document environments, permission enabled access rights, individual document security, comprehensive audit trails, a complete visual Version History, documented Version Control and compliance with PD 0008 legal admissibility.

Integrate with Existing Applications

MoPA easily integrates with your existing applications and databases. It provides a full scriptable engine that allows data to be looked up rather than manually keyed saving significant effort. This feature ensures efficiency of indexing and data quality. Simply enter the reference number of a required record and MoPA can look-up the other meta-data fields to assist in the determination of the retention/review date. Interfaces already exist to many common applications.

Request Tracking

When the need arises, simply go into MoPA, search to find the file you require and then make a request to obtain the file: Tasking allows notifications to be automatically sent to record administrators to obtain the file and return to you.

Storage Company Interfaces

GSA are already working with the major players in the UK Record Management arena to provide a seamless experience between MoPA and their systems. If you have a box to be put in storage then simply requesting the action within MoPA automatically notifies the Storage Company to come and make a collection. Likewise, returns and consumables are also handled.

Scan on Demand

Only a very small percentage of paperwork is ever looked at again. MoPA supports Scan on Demand. This is the natural next step from supporting request tracking. Rather than sending the physical file or box back to the person who wishes to review its contents. Why not simply scan the file and attach it into the system so that the person requesting the file can read it on-line. Why waste time waiting for the file to be sent to you when you can have it in minutes and direct to your PC.

Powerful Search Facilities

Crucial to any system is the ability to find Records quickly and effectively. As standard the system includes comprehensive search features which comprise of an effective combination of Meta Data searching and Free Text (Google style) searching that enables word-searching within all Record data, scanned images and type-written document text. Complex Query searches can be set up and saved for all fields.

The solution also manages/creates all the statistical/data returns such as management reporting and performance statistics which for some systems includes national data returns.


Cyclops software products are all modular and provide extensible solutions that may be scaled to the needs of an individual Organisation. The Cyclops family of software offers a range of flexible options including Integration, Data Sharing, Data Capture and Mobility options.

Scanning Services

GSA’s Bureau Services also offer the dream solution of taking your office full of sensitive papers and converting them to a CD of electronic images or imported into Cyclops. The service specialises in sensitive documents and employs SC Vetted Staff who offer a careful but flexible service from collection through to delivery. GSA has been assessed under the NPIA Police Approved Secure Facilities Scheme (PASF IL4).

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