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CycComms - Complete IPA and AA compliant communications authorities management system

CycComms is the complete IPA (Investigatory Powers Act 2016) and AA (Automated Acquisition) compliant communications authorities management system for managing the authorisation process of requests for communications data. 

It has been designed and developed in partnership with serving police officers and investigators across the UK for ease of use and for a focussed, fast, flexible and efficient paper free business process providing a powerful and flexible solution enabling huge intelligence gains.

There is not a criminal investigation that does not have communications data attached and therefore data is a significant element to understanding the operating practices of a given criminal or group of criminals, without CycComms investigators would be blind.

GSA has worked closely with the Home Office our solution integrates seamlessly with CSPs ( Communication Service Providers) via AutoAcquire and with an automated interface to OCDA (Office for Communications data Authorisations). It is fully compliant with ALL the latest central service capabilities and fully meets latest legislative and IPCO (Investigator Powers Commission Office) inspectorate requirements.

With Auto-Acquire, CycComms uses automated CSP lookups and published catalogues of business questions to ask the right question of the right CSP. ALL Results from CSP are automatically obtained and retained to significantly add to the Intelligence value. Real-time checks of built-in subscriber database to automatically detect duplicate, repeat requests and intelligence cross-overs.

GSA Solutions already handle 60% of Comms Data Acquisition in the UK.

CycComms is being successfully used by many police forces, agencies and authorities and has a strong customer user group. It uses web based access for organisation/regional wide deployment having a user friendly interface for familiarity requiring zero training for applicants.

Protects the vulnerable

  • Cyccomms is the most effective tool to locate people in distress and vulnerable be that from themselves or from criminal exploiters. The communications data acquired and used within CycComms has supported the investigation and led to the prosecution of Organised Crime groups both in local areas and Nationally.
  • CycComms reduces operational time by giving clear and accurate details of contacts between criminals who cause harm by supplying drugs, trafficking humans and exploiting children; without this system the Police service and investigators would not be able to achieve the success in saving lives and convicting criminals.
  • There is not a criminal investigation that does not have communications data which attached and is not significant element to understanding the operating practices of a given criminal or group of criminals. without CycComms investigators would be blind.
  • 100 % of investigations whether that be harassment, stalking, Child exploitation, Sextortion, organised crime, drug supply ‘county lines’, kidnap or murder all use communications devices to facilitate their criminality and abuse, this creating communications data; therefore CycComms is the key.

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ISO14001 Environmental Standard and Social Value (Accreditation since: 2014 Certificate No 216712020)

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