CycSurveillance - Application and authorisation process for RIPA and police act

GSA LTD are very proud to announce; “CycSurveillance”, covering Directed, Intrusive, Property and Equipment Interference, OBT and non-regulated applications.
A simple and effective application and authorisation process for RIPA, IPA and the Police Act. The software is compliant with current legislation and codes of practice. The system brings efficiencies to the CAB by ensuring business process is maintained and audited which allows easy compliance with IPCO standards.

The system includes full document management with the ability to relate specific documents, images and maps. This increases efficiency by allowing user to view authorisation in full entirety in an easy to use way without the need to navigate to different parts of the system. Fully integrated with our range of Cyclops software, including CycComms, CycTSU and CycCHIS.

The system provides a comprehensive management screen as appropriate for the particular user access level allowing authorisation, review, renewal processes embedded within a single screen for each Surveillance Authority.

The solution provides efficient and direct navigation around each record in order to save time and effort without changing screens allowing easy overview of all information.

Quick start links allow a user to undertake any activity they wish simply by one click process from the home screen i.e. search for surveillance, create new record etc.

Configurable ‘Help Text’ is embedded and available for every field across the system which assists users to improve the quality of their applications.

The system provides powerful Free Text search capability across all record and document content (including surveillance logs, product).

Smarter Working

  • All types Surveillance and Property Interference authorities
  • Includes full application process, Authorisation, Reviews, Renewals, Cancellations, IPCO Notification and Prior Approval
  • Time saving for Authorising Officers allowing them to see on screen the entire application whilst completing their authority comments
  • Management of current and previous Subjects
  • Record and manage all Surveillance Product
  • Effective management of all Surveillance Product by giving the AO the tools to discharge his/her duty. The system also allows management of the complete lifecycle of all product through to destruction
  • The logging of Surveillance Vehicles to enable Cross-over detection, improved trade-craft and officer safety
  • Effective management for sanitisation of raw intelligence and dissemination
  • Dedicated facility to support easy compliance with
  • R v Sutherland
  • Automatic linking of Surveillance Activity to pre-populate the review process

Increased Efficiency

  • Searchable Observation Point database allowing effective management of R v Johnson with the ability to record a location as not suitable for future use. This provides improved force knowledge of Obs Points
  • Record of Product linked to each Surveillance Authority
  • Tracking of Policy, Operational Orders and R v Sutherland
  • Automated linkage to our CycTSU module:
    • Ability to Create TSU Job Requests
    • Automated return of Feasibility Study
    • Automated notification to TSU of Authorisation

Unique Benefits

  • Ability to index documents to specific records within the system, e.g. images, maps, documents, video, audio or any file type
  • Ability to construct and disseminate briefing packages utilizing document management
  • Ability to facilitate mobile delivery of data and images into the field
  • Mobile device connectivity to cameras and scanners to provide real-time mobile upload facilities for surveillance teams

Next Steps

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ISO27001 Information Security Management System (Accreditation since: 2010 Certificate No 168202020)

ISO14001 Environmental Standard and Social Value (Accreditation since: 2014 Certificate No 216712020)

Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate: Cyber Essentials Accreditation since: 2014. Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation since 2017

NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (22/23 Standards Exceeded: Organisation code E5D0H)

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